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Today I do not recognise the country that I was born in. England has lost its identity by having surrendered the right to self determination to the Irish, Scots and Welsh but not to itself. There is no more the discipline of the family that I instantly recognised when I was a boy and there is no more the pride of being 'English' that was a condition precedent to being a citizen.

 It is for these reasons that having lost its identity it is now in a downward spiral going nowhere. It tries to retain international recognition by joining the US in what can only be described suicide missions for the UK Military but in essence the UK (if you can call it even 'United') is a bit player. Murders, rape, child killings, are for ever on the increase. How does the Government answer this? By building more prisons. It fails to understand that a country is judged by its prison population. the more in jail the worse the country.

 Look at Monte Carlo or Switzerland for example, in comparison to its population it has hardly zero prisons and prison places. Why? Because people there have an identity and peace of mind. In England there is no peace of mind and worse, no identity. Without identity you have nothing. Its why each day in the papers we read of worse and worse crimes. Today three murders in Bishops Stortford. Yes, Bishops Stortford!!!! Not London where of course that would be expected but in Hertfordshire.

In the constituents of the European Parliament there is no England! That in my view is a pity because potentially England (UK call it what you like) has the most potential of all the EU. Look for example what ruddy fools the British Government really are. They joined in 1972 the EEC now the EU which at the time was only a handfull of countries now more than twenty. YET, it had and has the British Commonwealth that it could have augmented bound together by a common language (English) which could have been encouraged to trade together by far greater propensity than the EU and it would have cost the UK NOTHING! What did it do instead? It alianated the Commonwealth Countries by its arrogance of office.

The Commonwealth is 53 countries. Its the second biggest institution after the UN. The Head of the Commonwealth is the English Queen! OK it does not permit Britain to excercise political control over the countries but neither does the EU! The Commonwealth was, shall we say, founded in 1884 yet the EU in the late 1950s. A history of association is what I call the Commonwealth. Yet government after government in the UK has slowly eroded and alianated the countries. That in my view should be a hanging offence for all the political leaders that have failed to grasp and understand what they had in their hands.

The British Government, Gordon Brown or Cameron or whoever should for the good of the UK augment and seal properly the trading arrangements with the Commonwealth Countries. The UK never needed the EU. Why did it not encourage its trade with the 53 Commonwealth Countries including countries like Nigeria, Zambia etc? Because as the Wilson Government once stated and the transcripts are available if someone bothers to ask the Security Services for the recording of his 1963 Labour Party Speech where he stated:"the Britain that is going to be forged in the white heat of this revolution" and after at a drink party stated that the Commonwealth should not be encouraged to maintain a 'white rule throughout'.

 So the choice of the Common Market was never one of Ted Heath but a Labour Party target and rather than be subjected to 'blackmail by blacks in trade affairs' the Labour Party preferred the European Union that was at 'least white'. So that is why the Commonwealth was put to one side and the EU chosen solely on its race. That is the Labour Party and now the Labour Party want the UK to believe they are not racist?

 To the journalists and political analysts, ask for Wilson's speech in 1963 and under the Freedom of Information ask for recordings held by the Security Services between Harold Wilson and a host of 'people' they are all available and in transcript form. Look at this logically? Why not exploit 53 rich and trade healthy countries that are part of your system for over a hundred years, that were there when there was no United Nations, League of Nations etc in favour of a small trading entity of Germany, France, Italy all if whom at some stage had fought the United Kingdom?

 Look at the map of the Commonwealth I publish. The population of the Commonwealth is 1,921,974,000 which is a THIRD of the WORLD! In the 1950's even France wanted to join!!!!! A British Government document of the time reported "That the French would welcome a common citizenship arrangement on the Irish basis".

The request was turned down by the British prime minister Anthony Eden, along with a request for Commonwealth membership, and a year later France signed the Treaty of Rome with Germany and the other founding nations of the Common Market, later to become the EU. What fools the British! Its not too late to bring values back to Britain but which political leader will have that courage? That is the problem facing Britain. Its why unless someone with balls actually takes the helm Britain will be the 'sick man of Europe if not the world'


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