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Below are some everyday signs of the emerging police state you may have noticed:

The "shoot to kill" policy introduced by senior police officer Cressida Dick. Shooting British citizens was illegal under Common Law; but this has now been replaced by the EU’s Corpus Juris, which puts the government above the law. They can shoot who they like without legal risk, as the family of innocent Jean de Menezes, shot dead in Stockwell tube, know to their cost. There is no longer a right to habeas corpus.

Authoritarian Police operations, in which they learn oppressive tactics. For example, 250 police officers to arrest just two innocent men in Forest Gate on 2nd of June 2006. They shot one of them, who, unusually, lived. Another on the 10th August: massive raids imprisoning 24 innocent people for the "transatlantic airline bomb plot," which was government fiction. Half are still in prison.

Dhiren Barot, 34, of Willesden, NW2, was sentenced in November 2006 to forty years in jail for "Terrorism". No, he’d never killed, maimed, or indeed, done any damage at all. A search of his flat found the incriminating evidence: He had no bomb making equipment, gun or money. But he did have the most terrorist accessory of all: a video camera with 3 year old clips of his visit to Wall St. If this was research, it was not up to the level of a Tom Clancy novel. After being held in jail for two years he "confessed." Anyone would, after two years of interrogation in the cells. And no one cares. Yes, he hated the government, but on this basis we could all do 40 years for thought crimes like this. (Police please note: I don’t own a video camera.)

Blooding operations: Once a policeman has killed he will accept the order a second time more easily. Over 100 police have pulled the trigger on 30 innocent people since 1992, in each case pumping their victim’s bodies with many unnecessary fatal shots. They shoot to kill, not wound, and often use dum dum bullets that blow a man to pieces inside. Police now have legal immunity for killing under the EU’s corpus juris.

As in Eastern block countries, deaths in police custody are common, at over a hundred a year, as are court accounts of police lies to cover their actions up. For example, on the 12th January 2007 Bournemouth Crown court found the police log had been falsified on the death in custody of Tony Davis 51, who died in the cells at Poole from hypothermia. Frank Ogboru, a fit 43 year old, on holiday here from Nigeria where he had his own business, was beaten to death on the streets, in front of witnesses, on 26th September 2006 by four policemen, as he begged for his life. If it were you and me, we’d be on a murder charge. But under EU corpus juris, the police will not be charged at all. The police commission says they "cannot find the cause of his death", and has refused to release test results to his wife Christy, whose pursuit of the truth has now left destitute. Since EU corpus juris took over, the government has killed over 1,100 people.

You’re lucky if you get 20% of your taxes, government charges and fees back in the form of services. Government now takes half the economy, £600 billion, and spends most of it on the political class, bloated salaries, their friends in quangos (£124 billion) and themselves. This is "true communism" - Britain now exists largely to fund its government class.

It is now illegal to demonstrate within one kilometre of Parliament, and police may arrest anyone suspected of "terrorism." This means many of us, and included Walter Wolfgang, the 80 year old arrested for heckling Jack Straw at the Labour Party conference.

All your email, text messages and phone calls are now listened to by computers at GCHQ Cheltenham, who refer your communications to be examined again by their staff if it appears you are anti government or anti EU, as many of us know to our cost.

Spying on citizens is a hallmark of a police state. Since we’ve been in the EU 4.2 million cameras have been installed to watch the public, more than any other nation. Westminster council is now dispatching spy cars with periscope style cameras to convict us. The Oyster card is being expanded to have a monopoly on all London’s transport. If you use it, they know where you are.

After the failure of the Criminal Records Bureau, the police database that records false information preventing honest people getting work, they have now spent £12 billion on the NHS database which will contain all of us, with an estimated £50 billion to complete it (the world’s most expensive and wasteful IT project). To these they are adding the ID cards database, compulsory in 2009, and that will include passports. With help from Ordinance Survey and Oracle, government is building a vast database that will record the position of every person and movable asset - (boats, cars, tractors etc), linked to the EU’s Galileo GPS satellite.

Experian, the US credit database company, is now plying its evil trade over here. If you dispute a payment with a large corporation, it doesn’t matter how just your claim is, the corporation’s computers automatically register you as a bad debt with Experian’s computers. The first you will know of it is you’ll be unable to open a business bank account, get a loan, credit card or mortgage etc. etc. If you refuse to pay your council tax on the grounds there’s no democratic accountability any more, or councils are funding illegal EU Regionalisation, the court automatically records this with Experian, with the same result. If you apply for a job, more employers are now searching Experian, and Experian then keeps you unemployed. If you’re hard up. Experian will ensure you stay that way, building the two class state of government and corporate "haves," and the "have not" proles. Under English Common Law Experian’s actions would have been libel and illegal; under the EU’s corpus juris, the little man counts for nothing; its government and corporations who have the power.

Police sirens scream pointlessly though the night in much of London, reminding us we live in an authoritarian state, which deprives us of sleep, degrades the quality of life, and creates the single worst source of night time noise pollution.

Its misery.

Abuses of power by big corporations. Eg. on the London Underground loudspeaker system, continuously and gratuitously menacing us every couple of minutes with "If you don’t touch in and touch out, you will pay the maximum cash fare" - wasn’t that always the case? And what other choice do we have? Their adds say they collect 98% of all revenue -that’s brilliant - how greedy do they need to be? You’ve probably forgotten, but companies used to treat their customers with courtesy and respect, not continuous threats.

Communist style cavalcades - where police motorcycle outriders, who we pay, now force cars and people off London streets to make way for a Mercedes carrying one of our many Eurocrat rulers. This never used to happen in England, but its a perk party apparachiks have long had in Moscow.

Eyeball scanning, fingerprinting, mugshots of innocent people as they travel. Control of travel is the hallmark of a police state - "May I see your papers please?" Done under the pretence of almost non-existent terrorism

Your MP’s are overtly guarded by machine guns in all their offices, and have been since 2004. From Portcullis House downwards, police with machines guns are in your face the moment you step in side. You can’t run a police state without machine guns protecting your glorious leaders.

Ugly, faceless or threatening new buildings, like Parliament’s Portcullis house, that would have suited communist East Germany, are now springing up all over London.

Newspapers report non news, conceal the real news, and the little we get is superficial, and misses the point. Media toes the government or EU line, with token opposition of irrelevancies only.

Common Purpose has organised the transfer of power from Councillors to council executives,
in preparation for the abolition of our 19,579 Councillors, and our 48 counties, by the European
Regionalisation Plan. That’s why there is no democratic control over your council tax.

Magistrates and courts now automatically act as extensions of government power, not as independent arbiters as justice, and routinely break their own oaths. They are illegally following the edicts of EU corpus juris and have abandoned most of our common law. They side with big corporations, and the little man wins less now than he ever has. Although democracy is being flouted, and laws broken by the government on an unprecedented scale, the courts are refusing to uphold the law, or to stop the more criminal acts of our government. The good done by Lord Denning has been reversed. The Law Lords break the Law themselves by refusing to uphold the British Constitution, under which the EU is illegal, and no longer act as the fourth democratic check and balance of the state.

Your bank account soon won’t be safe: As of 13th December 2006, banks and building societies are meeting with the government to enable them to take money directly out of you bank account without your prior knowledge and indeed without even a court order. Bureaucrats will make the decisions themselves. The government’s excuse this time is not terrorism, but "child maintenance". Coincidentally that was the USA’s first excuse, now they can do it for tax and everything else too.

Cressida Dick, who has been blooded with her killing of an innocent man, instead of being fired and prosecuted, is promoted. Groomed, as a Common Purpose graduate, to become the Chief of Police in this EU police state of ours?

A general refusal to impartially and publicly investigate terrorism - Because most of it is either the result of government policy that kills large numbers of people (as in Afghanistan or Iraq), or is actively sponsored by government to provide an excuse for its authoritarian methods.

Your vote has become worthless, as there is a one party state at Westminster - the three parties have nearly identical policies, none carry out the wishes of the voters. Each pretends to be different, but is participating in divide and rule, to conceal the fact that the leaderships of all three are controlled by the European Union.

The ultimate act of this police state is the illegal abolition of Britain without a vote - Parliament, the Queen and her ministers have committed the criminal act of treason by passing and signing five treaties to abolish the nation and replace it with the EU; and Law Lords have criminally refused to uphold the law each time its been challenged, and are themselves guilty of misprise of treason.


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