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The response to the massacre of nearly 3,000 people in New York and Washington, on September 11, 2001, was to bomb Afghanistan after the Taliban refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden. For reasons best known to George W Bush, America then focused its might on oil rich Iraq where terrorism did not exist.

They then invaded Iraq and murdered its leader, Saddam Hussein. This invasion has led to a small group of fanatics into a war against the west, where hundreds have now died.

Military casualties in both countries have overtaken the number of civilian victims who perished in New York and Washington.

Is it not possible that this whole sorry episode was orchestrated by Bush, including the 9/11 attack in order to provide an excuse to attack Iraq and get his hands on their oil?


A couple of months ago $300 MILLION went missing from a bank in Baghdad. No action taken. No news. No investigation. No arrests. No money found. But that is nothing in comparison to another great big ruddy theft. Between 2003 and 2004 nearly $8 BILLION mostly in CASH has gone 'haywire' as we say! Yes,its just disappeared. Now yesterday at the Mahon Tribunal in Dublin, Ireland developer Tom Gilmartin said that of $1 MILLION raised in the US for Fianna Fail in 1994 "fell out of the plane and drifted off to the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands". Well, well, well it seems that there is an infectious disease flying around with money missing galore! From 1994 and $1M missing that 'fell out of a plane' in 2003-2004 over $8 BILLION just gone 'walkies' and what is worse no one gives a flying ferrari so as not to use another word beginning with F and ending in K!!!!!

Its all very well being security minded, but what about the security of money? You see it is YOUR money. Taxpayers money that actually goes adrift? Giovanni De Stefano intends to pursue this matter. He has clients that are accused of conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to steal with amounts less than £10,000 and they get between 10-26 years. What on earth should we give to whoever has stolen $300 MILLION IN CASH!!!!!!!

This $300 MILLION bank robbery in Baghdad happened in July of THIS YEAR!!! No action taken by anyone. What does this tell you??? Yes, an inside job just like the Great Train Robbery in 1963!!! This is such an inside job that the smell creeps all the way over the Atlantic. Disgrace!!!!!

Saddam Hussein offered to step down and go into exile one month before the invasion of Iraq, it was claimed last night. Fearing defeat, Saddam was prepared to go peacefully in return for £500million ($1billion). The extraordinary offer was revealed yesterday in a transcript of talks in February 2003 between George Bush and the then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar at the President's Texas ranch. The White House refused to comment on the report last night. But, if verified, it is certain to raise questions in Washington and London over whether the costly four-year war could have been averted.

Only yesterday, the Bush administration asked Congress for another £100billion to finance the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The total war bill for British taxpayers is expected to reach £7billion by next year. More than 3,800 American service personnel have lost their lives in Iraq, along with 170 Britons and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians. However, according to the tapes, one month before he launched the invasion Mr Bush appeared convinced that Saddam was serious about going into exile.

"The Eqyptians are speaking to Saddam Hussein," said Mr Bush. "It seems he's indicated he would be prepared to go into exile if he's allowed to take $1billion and all the information he wants about weapons of mass destruction." Asked by the Spanish premier whether Saddam - who was murdered in December last year - could really leave, the President replied: "Yes, that possibility exists. Or he might even be assassinated." But he added that whatever happened: "We'll be in Baghdad by the end of March." Mr Bush went on to refer optimistically to the rebuilding or Iraq.

The transcript - which was published yesterday in the Spanish newspaper El Pais - was said to have been recorded by a diplomat at the meeting in Crawford, Texas, on February 22, 2003.
Mr Bush was dismissive of the then French President Jacques Chirac, saying he "thinks he's Mr Arab". Referring to his relationship with Downing Street, he said: "I don't mind being the bad cop if Blair is the good cop."

The President added: "Saddam won't change and he'll keep on playing games.
"The time has come to get rid of him. That's the way it is." Days before the invasion began on March 22, 2003, the United Arab Emirates proposed to a summit of Arab leaders that Saddam and his henchmen should go into exile. It was the first time the plan had been officially voiced but it was drowned out in the drumbeat of war. A spokesman for Mr Aznar's foundation had no comment on its authenticity.
GIOVANNI DI STEFANO: "The length to which lies and pure lies are told about my client Saddam Hussein are without borders. There is not a cats chance in hell that Saddam was EVER going to abandon Iraq ever meaning EVER. He had all the money in Iraq at the Central Bank if he had wanted but he did NOT want. This just goes to show what pure liars the US Government are. When was the last time George Bush spoke to Saddam? NEVER! When was the last time Tony Blair spoke to Saddam? NEVER! Then they have the nerve to criticise Tony Benn and George Galloway and myself for trying to avert the catastrophe that has occured. Yesterday another 67 dead. Those deaths will haunt Bush and Blair to their days and maybe even in the hereafter!"



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