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What the hell has happened to Great Britain? What is going on with the old liberties that Britain was once proud of?

So what the hell has happened? The Archbishop of Canterbury criticised for saying that eventually Shira law will bite in England! Its true! But in the country that once was free we dare not talk anymore.

45 years ago I would never have imagined that what was a top country of the world has become worse than a Nazi State that spies upon its citizens at random. It spies upon lawyers conversations in prisons in order that the wholly ineficient Crown Prosecution Service can obtain an advantage. It passes legislation that is oppresive and jails people at random that commit crime only because of need and necessity.

There are more CCTV cameras in the UK than in any other of the 26 or whatever number EU countries. There are 4,657,888 CCTV cameras!!!!! A frigging disgrace. The so called 'Authorities' which include councils by the way launch intrusive surveillance (bugging) against an average of 1,098 people PER DAY!!!! Including judges, journalists, lawyers, doctors, anyone that dares to rise above the crowd and have a say in what is clearly wrong.

Britain has the biggest DNA database in Europe. How in God's name did it get so bad??? Did you know that 807 Agencies and 533 Councils have the right to bug your phone, read your letters, intercept every damned thing that is private in your life??? The Labour Government is 90% to blame but also the non entity of any proper Opposition is also to bear the burden. Since 1997 when Tony 'the liar' Blair came to power legislation has made that possible even more and all in the name of terrorism!!! The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) gave local councils and other so called public bodies the right to keep an eye on the average everyday citizen. They can even go through your frigging phone records!!! Incredible powers.

Between March 2006 and December 2006 do you know how many applications were made to intercept telephones? 253,557!!!! Yes more than a quarter of a million formal applications! Well, those are the ones that were made formally. How many don't we know of??? All those frigging prison bugging devices at Belmarsh, Wandsworth, Wood Hill and so forth. It is nothing short of a disgrace. Amongst those that has his phone bugged and his right to communicate is IAN STRACHAN Giovannis Di Stefano’s client held at Belmarsh Prison which is nothing short of a legalised Nazi concentration camp abusing the rights of those that have transgressed and need help not hinderence. He cannot make phone calls to whom he wants and all his mail is photocopied and then given to him.

And I am not the only one that has said that the English Prison Service is nothing short of those that Britain faught against in the II World War. Lord Justice Kennedy,Lord Denning, Lord Justice Auld and even Lord Justice Rose have in their days delivered scathing rebukes at the way the Prison Service in England pays no attention to law and order and seems to act as its own judge, jury and executioner. Why does England have more prison suicides than in any other EU country? It is not the conditions but the Prison Service that is acting in most cases ultre vires of its position. It is not the prison officers who are underpaid, understaffed and overworked. It is those men in grey at Marsham Street that frankly require a redirection. I saw it in the case of John Palmer the so called timeshare fraudster. The man at the High Security Directorate that made him a DOUBLE CAT A and wanted him to wear handcuffs in the dock (which Judge Gordon refused mercifully) was one that had actually purchased one of his timeshares and lost out. So a supposed victim taking revenge upon a prisoner. A frigging disgrace! John Palmer, say what you want about him refused to allow me to deal with it the way I wanted namely to report his conflict of interests/position to the Home Secretary. Not that the drip of a Home Secretary would have done anything about it.

Why is all this surveillance necessary? The last time I say Bin Laden was in March 1998 and in the Middle East. I don't remember him saying he wanted to go shopping in Knightsbridge or Chiswick High Street or to Manchester, Liverpool docks for a drink!!!  Yet all of this is to protect us all from terrorism! Yet, the greatest terrorist of all is the loss of normal freedoms. The ability to be able to call someone and not have the conversation recorded. The ability to use the internet, fax, telex, mail without some perpendicular ponce spying. There is NO TERRORISM in Britain. There is no threat of terrorism. It is used as an excuse for a lazy and non directional government to pretend they are doing something. When you see in the newspaper a half page news article that Gordon Browns son beats him at tennis on the computer you know that the British Government is well and truly FUCKED!

In the meantime it is people like IAN STRACHAN who all they did was try and protect a member of the royal family and who is denied bail, locked up in a Category A prison, who has no criminal record, and who fell on certain private information' regarding a member of the royal family from a drug taking, disloyal royal aide, that boy the system punishes and not the royal aide????

The State does not have the best interests at heart of its citizens when it treats them in such a way. It is why I am for the right to carry weapons as in the United States. Not for protection or for use in crime but to place us in a position of equality of arms against a corrupt and oppresive government. That is why the US Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. To fight of or overthrow an oppresive government. Those rights the US Supreme Court have validated time and time again. Soon it may well be the turn for some brave political figure in England to write a Constitution. In the meantime the Government oppresses the people more and more and more Britain is becoming a police state but one day it will change. For the IAN STRACHAN'S of this world well they will always have Giovanni Di Stefano and the few remaining people like him but the rest look on like sheep watching the TV.


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