Competition winner 27 December 2012

And yet another winner at Midnight Rock!

Another great night at Midnight Rock last night and the prize was won by Jim from US.

The question was: Which movie, featuring Glenn Ford, featured the song "Rock around the clock"?

And the answer which came out from the audience almost immediately, (after shouts of Rock around the clock) was: "Blackboard Jungle".


The film marked the rock and roll revolution by featuring Bill Haley & His Comets' "Rock Around the Clock", initially a B-side, over the film's opening credits, as well as in the first scene, in an instrumental version in the middle of the film, and at the close of the movie, establishing that song as an instant classic.

In some theaters, when the film was on first release, the song was not heard at all at the beginning of the film because rock and roll was considered a bad influence. Despite this, other instances of the song were not cut.

The music led to a large teenage audience for the film, and their exuberant response to it sometimes overflowed into violence and vandalism at screenings. In this sense, the film has been seen as marking the start of a period of visible teenage rebellion in the latter half of the 20th century.


Remember, every week Roadslut and Midnight Rock are giving away 500 pesos just to answer one (relatively) easy question.

See you next week.

Rockin Dave

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