1. Cadillac Car

From the recording Cadillac Car

Cadillac Car/Rockhouse was released straight away as a single in Finland, and it was also released in the UK and the rest of the world on Charly Records. The single sold huge amounts in Europe, and narrowly failed to turn into a big crossover top 40 hit. Cadillac Car became a hit among the rock & roll circles and its sales were boosted by the feature of the track in the Finnish film release 'Täältä tullaan, elämä' (Life, Here I Come).


CADILLAC CAR               (C)Dave Taylor (All Rights Reserved)
If you wanna have fun and you're not the square type
Come on out with me, we'll go drivin’ tonight
Drop down the window, turn the radio on
Cruisin’ through the city, like we're really gone
When we go out drivin', first we go down town
Then we cruise and we cruise, all around n around
If we see a pretty girl that’s alookin’ for a ride
You can bet your life, we’re gonna get her inside
When the night is gettin' over and it's time we gotta go
We cruise once around the block, drivin' really slow
Turn the car around and we head on home
When you cruise a Cadillac, you never gonna cruise alone
You can see the people lookin' as you drive on by
It makes you feel real happy, and you know just why
Everywhere you go, you're just a real cool cat
Drivin' and cruisin' in your Cadillac