A bizarre situation at Midnight Rock today.

I was at the bar early today in preparation for the worst. I texted the inspectors asking what time they would be coming to re-inspect. They informed me that they would be there mid-afternoon. They duly arrived and I was outside to meet them. They informed me that they were aware that we had already re-opened on Friday without their permission!  Further, they went on to say that they did not now want to re-inspect the bar.


I invited them inside the bar however to reassure them that the necessary alleged infringements had been rectified. They refused. Moreover, they didn’t appear to be annoyed, but rather nonchalant. They did not come into my bar but instead proceeded to T & A bar next door and promptly closed them down for what I heard was a faulty fan. (I must say at this juncture that this is only hearsay, however T & A are at present closed).


Midnight Rock is open, nevertheless, I must admit to be slightly concerned at the stance taken by the inspectors. Only time will tell.

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