Another murder attempt on Garfields Manager

Once again some one is determined to kill this gentle English gentleman.

This is the same Ian that escaped death last month when someone shot at him in front of his house and the spent bullet lodged in the side of his head.  It fell out in the hospital when the nurse was cleaning it.  he was very lucky.

Now, last night another attempt was made on his life as shots were fired at him, again, near his house.  Again they missed.  Following is the message I received from Frank Devlin, Garfields, where Ian works.


1:22 PM (0 minutes ago)

to undisclosed recipients


just to keep you informed, Ian Bolton, manager at Garfields, was again shot at, at his house in Josefaville 1, in the early hours of this morning. He was not hit this time.

This comes after single a masked gunman shooting him in the head only 2 weeks ago. These guys are rank amateurs, as they are using home made guns and this time the barrel of one of them flew off, with a bullet still lodged inside and landed inside Ians car.

Something needs to be done about this. Ian can only get lucky so many times; the assailants only have to get lucky once. There were 3 of them this time, so they are ramping up the odds. It is obvious that someone wants him dead and they don’t have enough money to pay a professional, luckily for Ian.

I think that maybe this time Ian might start thinking that someone definitely wants to kill him.  Maybe his wife could shed some light on the issue in that maybe some relative of hers might be mad at Ian for some unknown reason.

 I doubt that the police will be any help in any sort of investigation.  After all their success rate in solving crimes against foreigners is pretty sad.  The investigation into the Richard Agnew shooting has come to a dead end.  Why investigate when it might be the police connected with the shooting?  

Ian is a righteous citizen who lives a low key life here and is happily married.  His only vice is taking extremely long daily walks and tipping back a few beers each night at Garfields and then at my stable before going home.  This is a bit of a mystery.  Might Ian now be considering a bit of a vacation?

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