Assassination attempt against Richard Agnew



I have just been notified that there was an assassination attempt against Richard Agnew, owner of the Golden Nile last night at 0030 hours as he was driving pass the Robinson Mall.  According to the police initial report show that Richard was very lucky.  It is believed two people were involved and used an M16 to fire into Richards vehicle, 17 shell casings were found at the scene.  Richard, due to his prior police training, reacted very quickly by stepping on the gas and getting out of the area.  The placement of bullet holes in the windows of the car show that there were near misses to Richard’s head and even to the window where his girlfriend was sitting.  The vehicle is at Station Four.  Richard only sustained wounds from the flying glass.

Would this have anything to do with the on-going investigation into the David Balmer murder, an investigation that Richard is assisting in and with authorities getting closer and closer to confronting the two prime suspects in this case.

Naturally there will be many different comments and theories about this attempt on Richards life but thankfully the scum who shot at Richard failed in their mission.  But, whoever hired them is still out there and may make another attempt.


It appears that this was a well planned assassination attempt involved, possibly, four to five persons.  Richard was on his way home and was using the route that took him pass Robinson’s Mall using the back street shortcut that leads to Hensonville.  There was no traffic so he was traveling at a speed that would not normally be possible in this area.  When he reached the area where the road splits he took the left angle that would take him along the road with the grass and tree covered center median leading towards Hensonville Plaza.  It was at this location that armed men were waiting in ambush.  He was shot at from the front, passenger side and driver side of the vehicle.  M16′s were used and all bullets went through the front windows, no stray bullets entered the rear area of the vehicle.  The shooters obviously were well trained in the use of the chosen weapons.

There is a speed bump in this area but because there was no traffic Richard did not have to slow down too much, this might have been a factor in his survival.  Suddenly Richard thought rocks were being thrown at the vehicle but then quickly realized they were bullets.  His police training kicked in immediately as he pushed his girlfriend down in her seat and accelerated.  He drove with one hand and used his other to keep Elsie down and kept instructing her to stay calm.  Somehow, all the bullets missed Richard and Elsie.  All the shots entering the vehicle were high enough that some could have caused head or shoulder damage.  The police, after inspecting the vehicle could not believe that Richard was not seriously wounded or killed.  

After eluding the shooters, despite his face bleeding from glass cuts, Richard was able to drive directly to Station Four.  Major Tan was notified and he responded immediately by directing his men to immediately rush to the scene of the ambush and inspect the area.  He also notified the City Director, S2 (Intel), S3 (operations) and the Detective Bureau.  Needless to say the Major is heading up an intensive investigation.

This was a well planned ambush and no doubt someone had to be following Richard to alert the shooters that he was on his way home and to be ready to shoot when he reached the ambush site.

This act of violence was not done in random against foreigners, it was a specific target they were after, Richard Agnew.  Why?  It could be a number of reasons, connected to the Balmer murders, a personal grudge, something to do with money or legal issues?  Right now there is only speculation and only if the investigation bears positive results will the real reason be known.  For now, Richard is alive and well and he knows how lucky he was.  But, someone or some group wants him dead and they nearly succeeded.  Will they try again?  Maybe yes, maybe no but it might be a good time for Richard to take a bit of a vacation.  Meanwhile, yes, he will be under a bit of police protection.  His car, which is in front of Station Four will remain for a couple of days before being returned to Richard.

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