Attempted Murder of Garfield's Manager update November

Ian Bolton became the hot story for October but did so in a very dramatic manner.  The 26 Oct edition of the Sun Star newspaper ran this headline and story:  British national shot, wounded – Camp Okivas – A British national was wounded after he was shot by a lone gunman in front of his house in Josefavill 1, AC last Wednesday.  Senior Supt Rodolfo Recomono, AC police director identified the victim as Ian Maxwell Bolton, 70, a British national and resident of said barangay.  The victim was about to enter the gate of his house when a gunman shot him, hitting him at the back of the head.  Even thought wounded, the victim managed to look back and saw a man running towards an unlighted portion of the street.  Bolton called his wife, a certain Luningning, who rushed him to the Dee Hwa Liong Hospital for medical treatment.  The report said a slug of still unknown caliber was found embedded in the left occipital  area of Bolton’s brain.  A manhunt operation has been launched to identify and arrest the perpetrator.


(OK, that “manhunt” shit is never true, the cops just say that automatically and when a foreigner is a victim the “manhunt” usually lasts as long as when the police get to the scene, interview the victim and get back to the police station and enter a blotter entry.  As he tried to enter his gate the assailant shot him in the head then ran but thank goodness the bullet had to be defective *38 calibre” and embedded itself in the side of his head.  Ian was able to call out to his wife and she took him to the hospital.  That was a bit of an experience as he went to three different hospital, two of which asked for a deposit of P50,000 before they would treat him.  He finally went to Sacred Heart who were shocked that two hospitals asked him for a deposit.  The staff at Sacred Heart treated him right away and when cleaning the wound, the bullet fell out of his head to the floor.  They stitched him up and he went home.  Needless to say, Ian was a very lucky man.  He missed one day of work at Garfields and is now back to his normal routine.  I think Ian should buy some lottery tickets before his luck runs out.  Ian told me that he found out that a house down the road from him had just dealt with an attempted break in and he suspects the thief ran and was hiding out in his yard and panicked when Ian showed up.  He does not feel that it was a planned attack, he just happened to be at the right place at the wrong time.  First you had Richard Agnew escaping an ambush without injury and now Ian survived a bullet to his head.  That is two miracles as far as I am concerned but I sure would not like to be victim number three because I think the third strike would be a strike out and I would be adding someone to the “TAPS” portion of my blog.  Oh, by the way, the treatment at Sacred Heart Hospital was excellent and the cost was only a bit over P20,000. 

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