Bare Assets Bar raided and closed

Merry Christmas - NBI style

Getting harder to understand how the NBI or police can come up with an excuse for raiding any bar when each employee in these bars has to have 3-4 ID cards issued by the mayors office, LACEM, the Barangay and in some bars the girls even have ID's issued by the NBI.

Nonetheless, on 16 Nov agents of the NBI wearing full assault gear including M-16's stormed into Bare Assets looking like they were taking down a terrorist headquarters or a meth lab guarded by 30 armed thugs!   Slight over kill when the plan is to detain a few girls wearing bikini's.

They eventually loaded the few female employees (all legally licensed by the city) into vans and a bus and transported them to some facility somewhere to determine if any of them are underage or violating some other dangerous criminal offense.  And, in typical fashion when they determine the employees are over 18, they will dump them out on the street in Manila or some other city and let them figure out how to find transportation back to Angeles.  If they are lucky they might still have a cellular phone or a little cash that was not taken into "evidence" during the raid.

So close to the holidays, some Christmas cheer will probably pass from the club owners to speed up the release of the few employees that they were able to round up in this tiny, quiet club.

Merry Christmas!

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