Coyote Ugly Dispute 2009

In response to all the email and text messages, I thought it appropriate to clarify the present situation with regard to the ownership of Midnight Rock Bar, 'Coyote Ugly', Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines:

Rockin Dave and Kenneth John Graham jointly purchased 'Coyote Ugly' in November 2008. The name was subsequently changed to 'Midnight Rock' which is the name of  Rockin Dave's company in the UK, which comprises of his record company, publishing company and recording studio established in 1978.

It was agreed that the bar would not employ any managers or relatives. Within 2 weeks of running the bar Kenneth John Graham employed several of his Filipino relatives engaging them in key positions around the business. He further employed against Rockin Dave's wishes, a manager by the name of Peter Taylor. Once these relatives and the manager were in place, Kenneth John Graham took control of all the finances. The joint bank account of Rockin Dave and Kenneth John Graham was emptied by Kenneth John Graham.

Kenneth John Graham then brought in his own staff and dancers and together with his relatives took control of the bar. Rockin Dave has been forced out of the business and has received threats of violence if he tries to get back into the business. Kenneth John Graham does not want to pay back Rockin Dave for his share of the investment.

Rockin Dave has now being forced to instigate legal proceeding against Kenneth John Graham which is the only course of action available to Rockin Dave in order to stop this extortion and recover the $40,000 U.S. Representing Rockin Dave's 50% share of the $80,000 U.S.purchase price. As you are all aware, Rockin Dave was to establish the Midnight Rock Bar as a prime live music venue in Fields Avenue featuring himself and his rock n roll piano.

When Rockin Dave was muscled out of the business by Kenneth John Graham, the mamasan and dancers all left with him. As a result of their loyalty to Rockin Dave, they have been evicted from their apartment by Kenneth John Graham. Their apartment was paid for by the Midnight Rock Bar. Even the security guard who witnessed the illegal actions by Kenneth John Graham and his cohorts, has been refused his salary for supporting Rockin Dave. The security company in question will now be left with no other alternative than to sue Kenneth John Graham for breach of contract.

I would urge all customers to boycott the 'Midnight Rock Bar' /'Coyote Ugly' whilst this legal wrangle is ongoing.

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