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I have had people writing to me asking why I did not write more details about the closure of Coyote Ugly and the arrest of Ken Graham.  Mainly because I wanted to wait until things settled down, find out the facts and give a status report.  First off, Ken Graham, Joyce Pungos and Rose (Mommie Rose) Craste are now confined at the Angeles City jail after being transferred from Camp Olivas in Manila.  They are charged with human trafficking and Prostitution.  Jocelyn Ordinario, the registered owner of the Coyote Ugly Bar was not at the Club and escaped arrest.

How did all this come about?  The following information is from the statements of the ladies taken during the investigation and of course, does not prove guilt or innocence until the judicial process is completed.  Supposedly Mommie Rose recruited 16 ladies from Tacloban City and picked them up in Pasay City on 23 Feb. The girls were brought to Angeles City and put to work right away without any ID or permits.  One girl, 14 years old was alleged to have serviced four customers at different times during that night and two of the girls, 16 and 17 were also with customers.  They said they were forced to work.  Some of the girls were left at the Coyote Ugly and others taken to the Coyote Ugly Hotel in Dau.  Over time three of the girls that were used as door ladies outside the Club befriended a Mamasan from a neighboring Club.  This Mamasan assisted the girls in escaping from the Club.  She had attended Balibago Barangay Captain Tony Mamac’s PEACE meetings at the Barangay Hall and was well aware of his no tolerance approach to underage girls in the Clubs.  PEACE is an approved SEC organization called “Pro-active Entertainment Association of Concerned Establishments, Inc.” established last year which is slowly gaining in membership.  She took the three ladies to Tony Mamac and he secured them for ten days.  He then requested assistance from General Ladao, Regional Director of PNP, Region 3, Camp Olivas.  He was directed to take the girls to Camp Olivas and report to Col Jacky Puapo, head of the Women’s desk at Camp Olivas.  All three girls were underage.  After statements were taken from the three girls with lawyers present, DSWD assistance and representatives from NGO Visayan Forum requests for two search warrants was requested from a Judge in Manila.  The reason for using a Manila Judge instead of one in  Angeles City was to avoid any chance of leakage of information.

Saturday, 31 Mar - Two teams were formed, Tony Mamac provided marked money.  Col Jacky, Women’s Desk, acted as a girlfriend of an American asset in the company of another American asset.  They entered the Coyote Ugly Club as customers with the knowledge of the name of an underage girl working there.  The name was provided in the statements of the three girls mentioned above.  With this knowledge the American called over Mommie Rose and asked for the girl by name. The girl was brought over and stood next to Rose.  the marked money was used to consummate the transaction for the girl to leave and when Rose took the money a signal was given to those waiting outside and they entered the club to serve the search warrant and rescue.  Capt Mamac was standing by in his office.  At a planning meeting, prior to going to the Club, Tony insisted that no customers in the bar will be detained or harassed in any way.  His wishes were carried out as all customers were allowed to exit the Club peacefully.  The second team was notified that they could proceed with serving the search warrant at the Coyote Hotel.  When they entered and presented themselves to Ken Graham he kind of had an Asthma attack or something, ran to his room and locked himself in.  It took them 30 minutes to coax him out of his room.  He, along with 37 ladies from the bar were taken to Camp Olivas.

Sunday, 1 Apr - Barangay Capt Tony Mamac drove to Camp Olivas to seek the release of the girls that were not underage and not directly involved with the human trafficking charge.  He did not want them kept longer than necessary.  He brought them food and drink from Jolly Bee.  He could not get them released that day as they were all undergoing medical examinations so he had to wait until Monday.  On Monday he sent two vehicles to pick up the 23 staff that were innocent and not underage.  Fourteen were kept by the Visayan Forum for coordination with the parents and to secure NSO certified birth certificates.  That is what Tony did with the original three girls that escaped from the Club, one of whom was 16 and was still bleeding one month after she was roughly treated by a 6′ 2″ tall foreigner.  The 23 staff were brought to the Barangay Hall, LACEM leader Cel Paran was contacted to come and assist them which she did, even assisting a few with transportation expenses.

What now - Ken, Rose, and Joyce have been transferred to the Angeles City Jail and await trial.  No bail is allowed.  Ken might be able to work something out in court on a technical point in that Jocelyn is the registered owner and there is no paperwork connecting him with the Coyote Ugly.  One thing is for sure, he will have to find one hell of a good lawyer to head up his defense.  I was told that there have been various well known people contacting Tony to offer “incentives” for reduction of charges or even more.  Tony Mamac says absolutely not!  Everything was done legally, according to law and he does not condone the presence of underage girls being employed in the entertainment zone.  Those members of “PEACE” understand this from the meetings they have attended and know that as long as they comply with Philippine law and directives from the Mayor’s office that PEACE will be available to assist and advise them as needed.  Fourteen underage girls employed in one bar can cause adverse affects to all Clubs in the Entertainment Zone, forget 14, even one is too much.

Once again, dear Club owners, keep an eye on your Mamasan’s and floor managers, they can get you in deep shit.   Plus one bad Mamasan can cast a shadow on all Mamasans and that is not fair to the many that are loyal, good and honest at their jobs.  So, that is the story, remember, these people are innocent until a Judge decides otherwise.  Regretfully, the process will take a very long time.


A personal letter from Ken Graham

This is Ken Graham of formerly Coyote Ugly Bar and Coyote Bar.

You have probably heard that we were unfortunately closed by local government at Coyote Ugly Bar and had to close Coyote Hotel when a lot of our hotel material was seized after a raid by Department of Justice.

As a result we have a very nice near new Pepe Damien pool table 9 foot by 5 foot with top class pool balls and light shade. We paid 60,000 pesos for everything about a year ago from the now RSL Treasurer Ron Parrott.

We now wish to sell the item as we have no where to put it and we need the money (I’m still in jail).  We will accept 40,000 pesos. This table new can cost around 200,000 and its hardly used.  yours sincerely.

(I wonder what items had to be seized and why?  I asked Tony Mamac if he knew and his reply was: “I dont know about materials seized cos i was not given a copy of the list of items taken into custody by the team which are subject of the search warrant.” Why was it necessary to remove materials when the objective was to remove any underage girls and to detain Ken?  It would be interesting to know what materials were removed and why?)


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