Crucifiction Philippine Style

Nurses aid 9 ‘crucified’ penitents in Cutud

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Nurses and health practitioners under Outreach Community Advocate Nurses Assigned in Rural Service (OCA-Nars) aided the “crucified” penitents in Good Friday’s crucifixion rites in Barangay San Pedro Cutud.

They also provided first aid to the public during the Maleldo 2012 event.

Headed by Dr. Elma Manarang, the OCA-Nars produced a waiver and checked the health conditions of the men who participated in the crucifixion for this year’s Senakulo.

The men who agreed to sign the waiver and were crucified were identified as Bobby Gomez from Quezon Province, Victor Caparas from Arayat, and Willy Salvador from Barangay San Juan in the city.

With them were six men from this barangay who went through the crucifixion rites before: Ramil and Ronald Lazaro, Orlando Valentin, Jery Manansala, Alfredo Bautista, and Ben Enaje.

One woman from a foreign country who wanted to join the crucifixion was not given clearance and therefore was not allowed to be crucified due to health risks.

Dr. Manarang said there is a potential risk in crucifixion that might lead to tetanus and infection, as stipulated in their signed waiver.

Aside from giving them antibiotics and anti-tetanus shots, they also cleaned and sterilized the nails that they used.

Prior to their crucifixion, they underwent medical examinations to cut the risk of any health threat.

“This is because crucifixion is not an ordinary thing to be done to a human being. Aside from the obvious risks, you can have a high blood pressure or get petrified so we highly encourage a cardio-pulmonary check-up first,” Manarang said.

She also said that even though some of the aforementioned men had experienced crucifixion before, still, it is better to provide medical check-up and aid to them so as to avoid any health threat.

So far, there have not been any instances wherein a one of them was sent to the emergency room.

Furthermore, OCA-Nars gave first aid and medicines to the people who lost consciousness and needed medical attention because of the heat and heavy crowd.

Some who were also aided by the group are kids and tourists not used to very hot weather.

“When it comes to vows, what we are really looking into is the health concerns of the people. Anyone has the freedom to do their own vow whatever way they want to but they should always consider their health and have a medical examination or check-up with a doctor first to see if they are physically fit to do it. If not, then they should consider doing a different vow instead,” Manarang said. (Kriselle Jhean Navarro)  

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