Fields Avenue raid legitimate – NBI

Fields Avenue raid legitimate – NBI

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – The National Bureau of Investigation – Central Luzon Regional Office (NBI-Celro) yesterday said the Nov 10 raid at the Stampede Bar situated along the infamous Fields Avenue was a legitimate operation as “we acted in good faith based on the complaint filed to us against the establishment by a non-government organization (NGO)”.

Lawyer Ric Diaz, NBI-Celro director, issued the statement in the wake of reports that the agency had indiscriminately using its power to harass establishment specifically girly bars and beer joints along the Fields Avenue.

“We acted in good faith, based on the complaint filed to us by the Kamalayan Foundation against Stampede Bar,” said Diaz, adding no hidden agenda about the raid.

He said his office received information from the NGO citing minors working at the Stampede Bar.

After verifying the information, Diaz said, a team of NBI-Celro agents coordinated with the Inter-Agency Council Against Human Trafficking (IACAHT) which provided the funds for the particular operations. He said at least ten female workers were rounded-up and brought to NBI-Celro office.

“I immediately ordered the release of bargirls after it was found out that they are not under aged,” Diaz pointed out.

Diaz said his office is ready to answer any complaint which will be filed against his office as a result of the Stampede Bar raid.

Two months ago, NBI-Celro operatives raided at least four girly bars along Fields Avenue after it was confirmed that there were minors working in the bars.

Intensified campaign against human trafficking in Angeles City and other areas in Central Luzon by NBI-Celro has resulted in the 'rescue' of hundreds of bar workers and illegal recruitment victims.

Angeles City sources told Central Luzon Daily the raids against fun houses are being made to justify the release of funds intended for human trafficking operations. The fund was allocated by the United States government in its bid to lessen the unlawful activity.


Interesting article since staff of Stampede is denying any raid occurred???

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