Ken Graham/Coyote Ugly update

Here is an email from Ken Graham:

Dear Friends,

Who I have been lucky to come in contact with over the many many years, particularly in the Philippines.

I have decided to send this email to you all in order to outline my present situation.

In respect to the case itself I will say very little except at 75 years of age and way beyond retirement I have done in my opinion nothing to have been issued a Search Warrant stating I had been "trafficking humans". All I can say is certain elements of our community have tried to take advantage of me, employees and family. I will not allow this attempt to falsely implicate me to succeed.

I am presently held in Police Station 174 at Sto Domingo. It is not very far from Angeles City. 15 minutes by car or less.Visitors are welcome from 9 am to 9 pm. I am grateful that several of you have visited and bought such things as food and books. I appreciate these gifts. I can say those officers assigned at the Station to look after me have been very kind and attentive. I am lucky not to be held in prison but this could occur if the case progresses from the fiscal stage to district court. At present my lawyer has entered a plea to quash the Search Warrant due to our belief of the many anomalies in the Warrant. This hearing was held on May 2nd. The prosecution has been given 10 days to respond.What will happen after this will depend on the result.


Ken Graham in happier times with his brother Robert, and Rockin Dave 2008.



I have been helped through this hardship by my three children have returned from Australia. For those who remember, my wife Lydia, died from a massive heart attack on Feb 17th. This personal and family tragedy has added unfortunately a multitude of problems. Firstly all funds in joint names were frozen including savings and other accounts. This in itself was a shock as there are so many debts associated initially with doctors, hospital charges, medicine and burial fees. Fortunately several friends and family were kind enough to give or lend monies awaiting probate of frozen funds ( incidentally still not cleared). and I would appreciate anyone who is in a position to lend me any funds to help pay for the now accumulating expenses - legal fees - transportation etc..As you can imagine these costs are considerable. I can promise that as soon as the probated monies are settled that such loans will be repaid. My car,wife's jewelery, watches and all other valuables are already disposed of. We do still have an excellent pool table.

So I am awaiting firstly the decision on quashing the search warrant and secondly the Department of Justice's decision as to whether I have a case to answer.

Hope this brings everyone up to date and don't hesitate to email me any advice, money or other assistance.


Ken Graham

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