Ken Graham Update January 2013

The following is a broadcast e-mail just received from Ken:


Dear Friend  ( Pardon a general letter as I only get a limited time on this borrowed laptop)


This is the ongoing saga of my detention (  300 days)  April Ist. 2012 to whatever.and charge of Human Trafficking and owning and operating 


a bar in Angeles City.


In my latest note to friends I said that my attorney had submitted a plea for bail on the basis there was little evidence and I was no threat to


leave the country as I had surrendered my passport to the Australian Embassy and my hospitalization for a series of complaints rendered me 


too incapacitated to go anywhere other than Angeles City.


Unfortunately this week the bail plea was denied.  As of yet we only know of the decision and not the reasoning.


To add to my 2012 problems the Hospital Dee Wha Liong where I have been a patient for nearly 8 months,  has gone bankrupt.( Them and me both.).


and power was being cut off. So they had to get a court order to transfer me to another hospital. As I owed this hospital and doctors


 some  250,000 pesos I have had to sign a promissory note hoping that my family of friends can help pay this off in the future.The


 Judge then said I had to go to a government hospital and I've 


been transferred to  ONA or Ospital Ng Angeles. also known as Rafael Lazatin . For those who like to visit it is near the market and


not far from most areas including Fields Ave.  It is along Rizal St and near the main market.


The Judge has indicated that after 10 days here I should be fit enough to go back to jail.


The dilemma as I've pointed out is that I am fit enough to get house arrest - home treatment but that is not possible under the law.


My doctors have said in the past I am not fit enough to go to jail because under those conditions I would be exposed to conditions 


that would exacerbate my asthma, cirrhosis, heart murmurs etc. So we have to wait and see.


As far as the case is concerned we are getting over the setback of bail refusal and heading to the next hearing on 29th. January when evidence is being given by 


the police involved in my arrest. My lawyer is hopefully fast tracking the trial if you can call nearly a year fast tracking. At 75 nearly 76 it seems everyday is a year.


After the Police Evidence we should get to the stage of my defense. My attorney is confident he will get me acquitted and I pray I'll 


have some time left to spend with my grandchildren.


I'm up for a lot of expense for hospital and medical, attorney's fees and just trying l live a basic life.


And finally like always I appeal to those who can afford to send me any help no matter how little.


I am still on the Australian Age pension though it has been reduced and any help can be given to me at the Hospital or in my pension account in Australia.


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