Ken Graham Update November 2012

The on going dilemma of Ken Graham continues:


Dear Friends and All.

Normally I would write to each and everyone individually but the series of illnesses and depression I have been suffering from has drained most of my energy and interest in my current status.  Further since most of you probably hear more rumors than truth I’m attempting to present a current accurate status of my position.  The last letter I wrote was an appeal to raise funds to pay legal fees for a plea to obtain bail. I appreciate those who lent or donated funds at that time. I know many others had they been in better circumstances would have also contributed and I sympathize with them as you realize that when things are tough money goes fast.

Just to give you and idea my my financial status between legal fees, bail fees, medicine hospital and doctor charges I am committed to paying well over 4 million pesos or over $100,000. As you would imagine I dont have that much so things will become more interesting as we proceed. I have been fortunate in having most of Lydia’s funds like Superannuation unfrozen and this has helped.  It is now nearly 7 months since my arrest the the wheels of justice or injustice grind slowly towards what is going to be a race for freedom and life or prison..My current health status which deteriorates daily is that I am suffering from Cirrhosis of the Liver p- Stage F4 or final stage, Asthma and other pulmonary conditions, Blood Pressure, Weakened Heart with circulatory problems, Gout and Reflux to name a few. And unfortunately I still cant shake the depression caused by Lydia’s death. I take 21 tablets a day costing 5,000 pesos a week. I have quickly learnt the value of generic medicine.

I have been in the Dee Wha Liong Hospital near Nepo Mart for over 5 months. Visitors welcome and I thank those who have already been to see me. You may wonder how this length of stay is possible but my medical conditions are not conducive to prison and this you would understand if you have been in one or visited one. I am fortunate in that my two grand children Sophia and Kenny ( Chris and Don’s children) visit me daily. This at least raises my spirits..

In respect to my legal position wherein I have been charged for Human Trafficking I have now been in court attending hearings for nearly 5 months. We are at a stage where my lawyer applied for bail on my behalf . After several hearings the prosecution were given 10 days to submit their case for denial of bail and my lawyer 5 days to respond.The Judges decision on this matter should be around 5th.November. Of course than if favorable I will need to raise bail a figure expected to be also in the millions. If granted bail the court case may still continue into early next year.  The prosecution thanks to Hilary Clinton and the US Government have given substantial funds to the Philippines to fight Human Trafficking with even US Lawyers assisting the prosecution in financial and legal advice which makes it even harder. They are hell bent on obtaining favorable decisions wit so much support and this makes our defence even more difficult.In respect to human trafficking those of us who live here understand that in truth in poorer countries many people with virtually no income do turn to the entertainment and associated industries just to support their families, sending money for food and education of their younger siblings hoping at lease their family can hope for a better future.

As for Human Trafficking (as the US may visualize it) there is very little in the Philippines certainly very few kept in cages and let out for sexual activities or sent overseas in bondage. So much for my grandstanding.

So finalizing the above gives an up to date picture as I see it. As in the past I appeal to anyone in a position to help. Your assistance would be most grateful. It would keep lawyers and the hospital and doctors happy. After the dust has settled I would hope to pay those kind people back.  Dont hesitate to ask any questions by email. My laptop usage has been restricted but from time to time openings of usage occur.  My bank account ( any amount helpful) is as as follows Bank Details are ANZ Bank Australia BSB 014-249 ac .no 516035132. Name Kenneth John Graham Swift Code ANZBAU3M. All the best Ken

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