Midnight Rock is Now Open!

Midnight Rock is now OPEN!!!!

At last I have been given the go ahead to open up today Tuesday August 2oth. It’s been a tough and interesting week for me to say the least. I haven’t been home since the closure notice was issued last week.

I have been in touch on a daily basis with the Mayors’ office at City Hall and everyone has been overly helpful. The closure notice contained new infringements which weren’t on the original report, however all was eventually ironed out.

The Mayor personally intervened on this one, (as did other very influential people), and gave instructions to his staff to assist me, which they did. I also had a long discussion with the Mayors’ private secretary who acknowledged that the alleged violations were minimal and that a closure notice was unwarranted. There were some small formalities that needed to be completed, such as the lifting of the closure order which required the signature of the City Hall lawyer.

I didn’t meet the inspector who actually issued the closure notice on Midnight Rock, but I did see many of his colleagues who were all friendly and helpful.

I would like to extend my thanks to the many board members (and indeed non board members), who sent messages volunteering their assistance during this somewhat trying time.

Anyway, all is done and dusted and Midnight Rock is once again open for business. Let the fun begin, and notwithstanding earthquakes, typhoons or Pinatubo erupting, (or even despite them), I shall be on stage on Thursday night at 8pm (ish). Welcome all!

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