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Pregnancy Scam

 Is your Bar Girlfriend pregnant? Or is she claiming she’s missed her period? If so you could be a victim of a new Scam that’s sweeping Philippines right now!

A word of warning to all you philanderers out there. A new scam has hit the mean streets and many a poor tourist has been caught in it. Yes, cunning bar girls have hatched yet another ingenious plot to milk more money out of their ever gullible lover boys.

They simply pretend to be pregnant with their lovers baby! Now just simply stuffing a pillow under her blouse won’t cut it.  No, the scam is just a little more complex than that and guaranteed to fool most. According to recent reports, bar girls have been injecting themselves in the stomach with a chemical substance which apparently inflates their stomachs thus giving them the pregnant appearance. Even if their sugar daddy lover touches their stomach it feels real! After that they use another substance to flatten it. The cost to the girl for the injection is thought to be around 4,000 Pesos and very readily available.

According to a few insiders there are many ways this scam can be worked. One bar girl said that she likes to use it with multiple lovers. She’ll send out an email to her customers and inform them that she’s pregnant. Then just to put their minds at ease she’ll send a photograph of her holding her bloated stomach. This usually does the trick and the punters are almost all convinced that they are going to be fathers. They are then asked over a period of a few months to provide financial assistance for trips to the local hospital, doctors fees, special diets, drugs and money to stop working and stay at home until the imaginary baby is born.

However, before the happy dads to be, return to Philippines, what should happen? You’ve guessed it! Disaster strikes! Our bar girl has had a miscarriage and lost the little blighter! Wait just one minute there is more to come! The gravy train keeps a rollin!. Yes, indeed there’s money to be had in death. Now the boy friend  is being hit up for a fake funeral and all the expenses that that may incur. This scam can be used again and again with multiple bar goers. It’s virtually the perfect scam. Which as the bar girl informed us works well especially with older and vulnerable foreign men who like to visit Philippines.

So sex tourists be warned! If your bar girl or girlfriend should suddenly get pregnant. Insist that you take her to see the doctor yourself. And if she suddenly starts making excuses why she can’t, be very suspicious!

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