The Philippines and Adultery

A case that recently came to my attention is disturbing. A young Aussie was here and had a good acupuncture practice. His clinic was quite busy. Unfortunately he made the mistake of becoming romantically involved with one of his patients. Although this is not accepted practice, it happened.


Unfortunately for him, the woman’s husband is a well known attorney here in Angeles and had him arrested for adultery. Concurrent with that, the good folks at the labour department charged him with working without a permit and thus Immigration got involved. He is currently going through the trial process in Angeles City while being held in Bicutan.


He’s been offered a plea bargain whereby if he pleads guilty, he’ll get a 6 month jail sentence. If he allows the trial to go through it is almost certain he will be found guilty and will serve at least 2 years. Unfortunately, it’s been made pretty clear that if he serves time here, he might not walk out of jail. It is unbelievable that this sort of thing can happen. But it does. He’s already served 7 months. In most countries, time served would be counted against a plea bargain sentence and he’d be freed. For ADULTERY. Who would believe it?


Only in the Philippines.....

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